Teaching Matters Weekly 12.13.13

Conversation starters: A new approach to collaboration in teaching writing is proposed at Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education. The “Signals” model of student retention practices pioneered and promoted by Purdue University and widely adopted elsewhere is questioned in a new study. From the Bookshelf: A special issue of Across the Disciplines features articles … Continue reading Teaching Matters Weekly 12.13.13

Teaching Matters Weekly 12.4.13

Conversation starters: Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun’s comments on the deficiencies in his site prompts a conversation on the future of MOOCs at The Chronicle of Higher Ed. Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed is a consistently updated blog that provides commentary on all aspects of higher education from economic policy down to advice on best … Continue reading Teaching Matters Weekly 12.4.13

TMAC Weekly 11.26.13

Next week: a “brown bag” event on grading practices, December 3 (free period). What grade would you give your grading policy? Join your colleagues for an open-ended discussion of grading practices. This Thanksgiving week we present again the many links and resources we’ve identified this semester. Below are the links to this semester’s weekly updates. … Continue reading TMAC Weekly 11.26.13

Teaching Matters Weekly 11.21.13

Coming Up: a “brown bag” event on grading practices, December 3 (free period). Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Próspero N. García (Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages) discusses the importance of learning goals in his classroom teaching practice. Question of the Month: Reading is Fundamental. But how do we teach critical and effective reading? Please share with us (and … Continue reading Teaching Matters Weekly 11.21.13