Readings related to threshold concepts:

An Introduction to Threshold Concepts by Glynis Cousin, Higher Education Academy. 

Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning, edited by Meyer, Land, and Baillie (2010).

Before and After Students ‘Get It’: Threshold Concepts: James Rhem, executive editor of the National Teaching and Learning Forum, looks at the notions of “threshold concepts” and “troublesome knowledge” as ways to excite faculty and engage them in deeper inquiry into the dynamics of teaching and learning in their subjects.

Reading at the Threshold: Recent considerations of threshold concepts in the rhetoric and writing studies discipline fail to consider the role that reading plays in the learning of student writers. This article from Across the Disciplines reports results from a three-part, two-year, empirical study of seventy-five learners enrolled across four sections of a writing-intensive course. The study used observations, surveys, and interviews to examine the relationships among the course, the learners enrolled in it, and the reading associated with it. Results indicate that the reading that occurs in a writing-intensive course is transformative across the disciplines.