Conversation starters: Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun’s comments on the deficiencies in his site prompts a conversation on the future of MOOCs at The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed is a consistently updated blog that provides commentary on all aspects of higher education from economic policy down to advice on best classroom practices.

From the Bookshelf: Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment in College by Barbara E. Walvoord and Virginia Johnson Anderson gives research-based advice on the best ways to measure student learning outcomes in your classroom.

New TMAC Resources: In conjunction with our recent workshop—and just in time for the end of the semester grading blitz—on best grading practices, we offer a new page of resources on grading.

Featured Peer Teaching Center: Excelsior College’s new interactive Online Writing Lab features a host of multimedia resources for students at all stages of writing expertise including interactive tutorials and games.


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