Next week: a “brown bag” event on grading practices, December 3 (free period). What grade would you give your grading policy? Join your colleagues for an open-ended discussion of grading practices.

This Thanksgiving week we present again the many links and resources we’ve identified this semester. Below are the links to this semester’s weekly updates.

TMAC Weekly (9.14.13)

TMAC Weekly (10.1.13)

TMAC Weekly (10.11.13)

TMAC Weekly (10.17.13)

TMAC Weekly (10.25.13)

TMAC Weekly (10.31.13)

TMAC Weekly (11.6.13)

TMAC Weekly (11.14.13)

TMAC Weekly (11.21.13)

New TMAC Resources: As you plan your courses for next semester, we have added new resources to assist in your work: there are now additional resources on Learning Goals, both how to create them and how to make sure they work for students.

We have also created a new page on Syllabus and Assignment Design that gives both practical advice and a theoretical framework for designing syllabi and courses that connect to the learning goals set by both you and your department.

Upcoming TMAC events:

December 3 (Armitage 108) 12:20-1:20 p.m.: “Grading: Frank Talk on Our Least Favorite Activity”

Join us for a “brown bag” conversation on grades, why we grade the way we do and the options available to us.

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