Faculty Spotlight: Last week, we announced that this space will feature innovative and effective teaching by faculty (full or part time) and TAs from every department. This week, we solicit nominations on topics and teachers you might like to see profiled in this space. Feel free to shine a Spotlight on a colleague, perhaps one who has recently won an award or who consistently earns high marks for teaching, or even on yourself. If you wish to contribute something but prefer to be interviewed (easier than writing), TMAC program assistant Travis DuBose will be happy to arrange for that; he can be reached at td242@scarletmail.rutgers.edu. Suggested, though hardly exhaustive, topics include teaching with technology, grading wisely, fostering students participation, mentoring undergraduate research, and designing effective assignments. So stay tuned for our Spotlight series debut!

From the Bookshelf: Computers and Composition Digital Press has released a new, free ebook on the topic of the assessment and evaluation of digital writing, edited by Heidi A. McKee and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss.

Conversation starters: Feminist educators are aiming to rethink the MOOC with a more collaborative vision.

Diane Ravitch writes about the new Common Core standards, and her objections to them.

New Faculty Focus: Nate Kreuter gives helpful advice at Inside Higher Ed about how to handle recommendation letter requests from students.

Featured Peer Teaching Center: George Mason University’s Center for Teaching and Learning features a diverse array of resources, with some particularly useful links and rubrics surrounding the development of critical thinking in students.


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