Welcome to the new semester! As we start Spring 2014, TMAC invites you to consult our resources in preparing and running your class. Here are some suggested resources from our site and around the web:

The Writing Commons is an excellent place to send students if you are including any writing assignments in your course. Writing Commons includes advice on issues that cross disciplinary boundaries such as research methods and writing with appropriate style.

It’s not too late to set learning goals for your course. Our resource page gives advice on creating goals and integrating them into the assignments for your course.

Our grading resource page gives practical advice on how to design and execute a grading system for your class. Additionally, watch this space for the announcement of this semester’s TMAC grading workshop.

Conversation starters: New international studies call into question the received wisdom that texting ruins students’ academic writing abilities.

A podcast from Oxford University Press gives advice on teaching oral history in the digital age.

From the Bookshelf: Rebecca S. Nowacek’s Agents of Integration: Understanding Transfer as a Rhetorical Act proposes student knowledge transfer as an act of recontextualization, and builds a framework of teaching for transfer from an array of disciplines.

Featured Peer Teaching Center: The Sweetland Center for Writing at the University of Michigan offers resources and advice on topics such as giving student feedback and motivating student reading and writing across the disciplines.

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If you’re interested in writing or being interviewed for the Faculty Spotlight or have a link or topic you’d like to share, please email us at teaching.matters@camden.rutgers.edu.