Assignment Design: How to Ask For What You Really Want

Feb. 12 (Faculty Lounge) 12:15-1:15

Join a review of best practices in assignment design, including how to effectively structure assignments (papers, research projects, etc.), communicate expectations and help students work productively through stages. Please bring an assignment you would like to workshop. (a “brown bag” event)

Faculty Spotlight: Librarian Zara Wilkinson talks about her role in making the library accessible to the students who use it.

Conversation starters: The nationwide efforts to revise the expectations and outcomes of general education programs is discussed at Inside Higher Ed.

Small group therapy and concentrated tutoring has been shown to be effective in helping students who are struggling in math courses.

 From the Bookshelf: Introduction to Rubrics by Danelle D. Stevens and Antonia J. Levi gives a comprehensive overview of the use of rubrics in the classroom. The book’s website contains some sample rubrics and frameworks as well as an overview of the book’s content.

Featured Peer Teaching Center: The University of British Columbia’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology contains a large teaching resources page as well as a collection of over 200 links to teaching and learning topics around the web.

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