Faculty Spotlight – Allan Espiritu

TMAC sat down with Allan Espiritu (Associate Professor, Fine Arts) this week to talk about the rewards of teaching graphic arts in a student-centered, problem-based studio environment. As we discussed the vital blending of theory and practice, groups of students hovered intently around wide-screen Apple computers, even though class had ended a while ago. Professor … Continue reading Faculty Spotlight – Allan Espiritu

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Mary Bravo

TMAC sat down with Mary Bravo (Associate Professor, Psychology) this week to discuss the pleasures of teaching critical thinking in courses like Experimental Psychology. One of several required courses in the major, Experimental Psych offers students opportunities to reason about data and design. In particular, Bravo encourages her students to be appropriately skeptical about reports … Continue reading Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Mary Bravo

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Richard Epstein

Dr. Richard Epstein (Associate Professor, English) teaches linguistics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and he faces a unique challenge in his teaching: students’ preconceived notions about how language works. “People don’t talk like books. They speak in fragments and run-ons. Students have to unlearn the ideas that grammar is primarily about right and … Continue reading Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Richard Epstein