Assignment Design: How to Ask For What You Really Want
Feb. 12 (Faculty Lounge) 12:15-1:15

Join a review of best practices in assignment design, including how to effectively structure assignments (papers, research projects, etc.), communicate expectations and help students work productively through stages. Please bring an assignment you would like to workshop. (a “brown bag” event)

Conversation starters: Education Week discusses the benefits of repeating key material in your teaching.

President Obama has made statements that are seen to denigrate the value of liberal arts degrees, with reactions from educators deriding his seeming embrace of the “what’s in it for me” approach to higher education.

From the Bookshelf: Teaching at Its Best by Linda B. Nilson is a research-based “toolkit” for teaching today’s students. Including research from a variety of fields, this volume touches on issues such as using visuals to teach and issues of copyright in the classroom.

Featured Peer Teaching Center: Teaching Resources at Michigan State University include links and advice for professors across the discipline, with a special section devoted to teaching essentials in STEM fields.

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