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Director’s Welcome – Fall 2014

Welcome to what I trust will be a successful year in the classroom! Whether you are new or returning faculty, full or part time instructor, or graduate teaching assistant, I take this opportunity to introduce you to the Teaching Matters and Assessment Center (TMAC), our website (, and monthly newsletter.

In 2012, Dean Lindenmeyer invited me to develop a new center whose mission is to foster excellence in teaching and promote a culture of continuous improvement in the College of Arts and Sciences and our campus as a whole. I am pleased to continue in my third year as TMAC director working with departments and individual faculty to identify and communicate best practices in teaching, testing, mentoring, responding to student work, and documenting learning. I hope you will frequently visit–and contribute to–our TMAC website and its ever expanding resources.

As you know, Rutgers Camden is experiencing a period of great innovation with a deepening commitment to civic engagement and experiential learning, a new Gen Ed curriculum to begin Fall 2015, and, this year, a Digital Studies Center under the leadership of Jim Brown, my new colleague in English. In addition, we have seen significant advances in teaching with technology both in traditional classroom settings as well as in hybrid and fully online environments. TMAC is a partner in numerous initiatives that promise to make Rutgers Camden an even more rewarding place to teach and to learn.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more about specific projects, workshops, and conversations and I warmly invite you to participate. Indeed, I hope everyone will engage in at least one activity this year that brings us into dialogue about our shared endeavor as educators. Teaching well is difficult—you don’t need me to tell you–but it is easier when we come together and support one another. That is my goal for TMAC.